You can order my book In the Field – Autobiography of an Inspector from this site, using a credit card or PayPal. Thanks to the end of Open Mic events due to COVID, I’ve reduced the price to $15. In Milwaukee, you can also find it at Woodland Pattern Book Center.

2020 News

“A Horse Named Can-Ball-the-Flowers” is live on AIOTB!

My poem “A Song for Coincidence” is up on Tiny Seeds Literary Journal.

Draw, Write Here has been at it again! The e-book I collaborated on, “Peoples History of the Pandemic: When Reality Hits” was revealed via Zoom on August 22. Enjoy Trailer #1 and Trailer #2. I’m really proud of the work I did with artist Jeanne Bril.  You can view the entire book here and I’d love you to see it. In October the “Peoples History of the Pandemic, Civil Rights edition” will be forthcoming.

My poem “The Old Ways” is now live on AIOTB (As It Ought To Be).

This summer, I participated in the NEA Big Read Zine project. Together, we read Stephanie Burt’s book, Advice From the Lights. I contributed a page to the zine, which you can see on the “Collaborations” link.

And now, also from As It Ought to Be, “A Song for Noise”.

My poem “A Song for Harvest Spiders” has been published by As It Ought to Be, an online journal!

Encouraged by Anja Notanja Sieger of La Prosette, and poet and filmmaker Kristin Peterson Kaszubowski I submitted a monologue for Medusa Monologues. My piece “A Relationship to Things” –  directed by Anja and acted by Judy Pirelli-Wamberg was set to be performed March 12-16 when COVID-19 intervened. The intrepid producers gathered the cast on what was supposed to be dress rehearsal night, and worked with NO Studios to produce this live stream of the show. It’s great! Enjoy.

On February 23, I participated in another Draw Write Here collaboration, “Chocolate Unplugged”.

My poem “Understanding Risk Factors So You Can Control Them” appears online in Stickman Review.