You can order my book In the Field – Autobiography of an Inspector from this site, using a credit card or PayPal. Thanks to the suspension of Open Mic events during COVID, I reduced the price to $15. In Milwaukee, you can also find it at Woodland Pattern Book Center.

2021 News

On September 30, in Sheboygan, I shared two poems as part of the “100,000 Poets for Change” celebration. I’m about 3-5 minutes into the video. There are many, many good poets in this show. Wisconsin Poet-Laureate Dasha Kelly Hamilton finished the program!

Another poem “Rest In Peace” is now up on AIOTB (As It Ought To Be)Magazine.

I have a poem “Bird, tired bird” up on Zingara Poetry Review.

Poet’s Monday at Linneman’s is back after the long COVID shutdown! Live sets resume on July 12. I’ll be the feature (my first live reading since February 2020) on July 19th.

Dan Denton (of “Not A Duck in Any Row Studios”) is the creator of the Blue Collar Gospel Hour and the monthly Lunch Bucket Brigade Zine series. He interviewed me for his podcast “Blue Collar Gospel Hour”. Dan is an astute questioner, with a lot of heart and smarts. You can listen here.

Lunch Bucket Brigade Zine #6  contains three of my recent poems. You can order it here. “Not A Duck in Any Row”, the publisher, donates part of their proceeds to a food bank in their hometown of Toledo, Ohio so you get good poetry and contribute to food security.

I’ve collaborated with Anja Notanja Sieger before.  She’s producing her storied podcast “The Subtle Forces” again. I responded to her general invitation to submit lyrics for a tribute to her late aunts Barbara and Mary. My contribution – “Pretty is as Pretty Does, The Dragonfly’s Song” – may be heard on “Ugly When Little, Pretty When Big”. Enjoy!

My poem “On Hubbard Street” is live on AIOTB now.

My poem “Brother” appears in Lunch Bucket Brigade Zine #3

Draw Write Here’s “People’s History of the Pandemic, When Reality Hits” was followed by “Peoples History of the Pandemic, Civil Rights edition” (I collaborated with Jolie Collins) , then “Going Postal”. View all the e-books.

2020 News

Another poem is live on AIOTB –  “1968, 1969, 2018, 2019: The Fifty-Year Anniversaries Are Almost Over”

“A Horse Named Can-Ball-the-Flowers” is live on AIOTB!

My poem “A Song for Coincidence” is up on Tiny Seeds Literary Journal.

Draw, Write Here has been at it again! The e-book I collaborated on, “Peoples History of the Pandemic: When Reality Hits” was revealed via Zoom on August 22. Enjoy Trailer #1 and Trailer #2. I’m really proud of the work I did with artist Jeanne Bril.  You can view the entire book here. It’s amazing.

My poem “The Old Ways” is now live on AIOTB (As It Ought To Be).

And now, also from As It Ought to Be, “A Song for Noise”.

My poem “A Song for Harvest Spiders” has been published by As It Ought to Be, an online journal!

My poem “Understanding Risk Factors So You Can Control Them” appears online in Stickman Review. I shared this poem on April 30, 2021 as part of Ex Fabula’s April Poetry Month feature “Backstory”. I recited the poem, and the video is linked here.