Coming up:

On December 26, 2017 I’ll do a set at the open mic at my neighborhood tavern/restaurant, the Riverwest Filling Station. On January 22, 2018, I’ll be at Poet’s Monday at Linneman’s Riverwest Inn. My book will be done and available for sale then!

Since I retired in 2016, I’ve been energized and inspired by young poets in Milwaukee who are publishing their own work. I’m self-publishing my book In the Field – Autobiography of an Inspector. This book’s been nearly 20 years in the making. It’ll be available early in 2018. Stay tuned for information about how you can order your copy.

Enjoy a video of the Draw, Write Here performance at In Tandem Theater. It was on August 27th and featured more artist-writer collaborations.

A story I told at the Ex Fabula Story Slam “Only in Milwaukee” is streaming on WUWM, and you can listen here.

Two poems – “After the Wedding Party” and “Too Long to Stop Now” appear on Full of Crow, a poetry website.

Check out this video produced by Draw, Write Here. I attended this event at Voyageur Bookstore in May 2017, and look forward to more collaborations.

Three of my poems are included in “Permeable to the Year”, a poetry anthology compiled by The Subtle Forces (Anja Notanja Sieger and Freesia McKee). I read them on Riverwest Radio on Tuesday, May 30th, and you can listen on this link.

Two previously published poems are now linked to the “Community” page of Digging Through the Fat, an online digest.

My poem “Olive Hill” is a semi-finalist for Alternating Current Press’s “Luminaire Award for Best Poetry“.  It will be linked to The Coil some time in 2017.

I joined other poets to read at the Spring Equinox Celebration at the Mitchell Park Domes on March 19.

I read at the 2017 Woodland Pattern Poetry Marathon in January 2017.  I also visited Open Mics at Linneman’s Poet’s Monday, and Lyrical Sanctuary at UWM this winter.

I told stories at Ex Fabula’s “Hidden”, “Change of Heart” and “Only in Milwaukee” story slams this season. I also had the privilege of joining Ex Fabula’s second class of Fellows. The Fellows program uses storytelling to encourage productive conversations about race, privilege and oppression. As part of the fellowship outreach, I shared a story at a workshop “White Fragility” that was presented by the Zeidler Center for Public Discussion.